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Nesimi Yazıcı

Keywords: Ömer Ali Bey, Ramazanoğulları, Karesi, Kastamonu, Mutasarrıf, Governor


In this study, two periods of the life of Ömer Ali Bey (1843 - 1920), who worked as mutasarrıf (administrator of a province or region) at civilian organizations in several province centers of the large Ottoman country within II. Abdulhamid period (1876 - 1909) and governor of Kastamonu at the end, are tried to be evaluated. First one of these is his duty period in Karesi (12 November 1986 - 15 February 1905), his first duty as a mutasarrıf, and especially his activities after "Koca Zelzele (The Great Earthquake), which occurred on 23 January 1898 and caused a large damage within Balıkesir - Kepsut - Bigadiç triangle. In this period, Ali Bey was a mature administrator full of energy. He paid all his efforts to make up damages of the disaster and provided lots of works that still remain today to Balıkesir, which was somewhat reconstructed after the earthquake. Ömer Ali Bey presented a generous personality in Balıkesir. He did not hesitate to spend his own fortune for development of the city. As a matter of fact, plaster present in foundation of the institution, which serves as Balıkesir Provincial Public Library today, belongs to Ömer Ali Bey. Besides, he constructed Hacıali Mosque and established a madrasah in its garden. Nonetheless, hic contribution in Balıkesir is not limited to spending all his personal fortune to construction of the city. If he had spent all his money for works of charity, it would have been nothing but a meaningful and insufficient endeavor due to size of the area. Ömer Ali Bey, as Karesi Mutasarrıfı , presented a successful administrator portrait. He is a good administrator, who is a good planner and implementing person and can ensure contribution of public in all activities, at the aim of either reconstruction of the city center and construction of several structures needed around. Whatever done within this period has been done with people of Balıkesir. Ömer Ali Bey's duty in Kastamonu (9 March 1909 - 21 July 1909) is his first duty as a governor and also the last public service, administration. At that period, Ömer Ali Bey was quite old. However, the actual troubles did not arise from his age and natural problems of his age; they were related to the period suffered at that time. As it is known, 31 March (13 April) Case occurred during that time and at last II. Abdülhamid was dethroned on 27 April 1909. Reflections of these progresses showed themselves at Provincial Center of Kastamonu as well as the capital and different regions of the country. However, it is conspicuous that Ömer Ali Bey's previous life, elder age and health condition depending on that as well as short duty period in Kastamonu were evaluated in two different contrary forms within a few months. According to the information in the Capital and especially local press of that period, Ömer Ali Bey was seen / made seen as an actual chance for Kastamonu with its wide experience accumulation and duty knowledge in its arrival to the city. These persons, who had the opportunity to express their thoughts via press, introduced everything in a different way after a two months period. He was the target of some opponents and subject to really serious critiques. As a result, two important parts of the life of Ömer Ali Bey are tried to be introduced in this study and difficulties of being an administrator in the last period of II. Abdülhamid are tried to be shown in his personality. Another subject related there to is the condition of press. We tried to show how opinions, evaluations and even information changed within short periods such as a couple of months.