ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Rüstem Bozer, Serkan Sunay

Keywords: Kula, Church, Ottoman Archive, St. Charalambos


The Ottoman Archives not only reserves important documents on history, but also on art history. Within these archives we can comc across about the proceedings which have been wanted to be built but not İmplemented besides the recordings about building and renovating. Samples of these are the drawings about a church which have been wanted to be built in Kula and the correspondences on this. In these correspondences which started with the application of the Patriarchate in 1893, they had wanted to have a church especially for "...purposely to pray for the dead', '..for a burial ceremony only in the presence of the dead', a servant building to be built inside a cemetery and to have the walls of the ccmetery to be repaired, but the project hadn't been implemented. Even though they are far from the today's perception of drawing, a design of a one naves and domed church had been reflected on the drawings with its features such as plan, facade, covering. To have the dimensions of the church being stated with units such as arşın, zira in the correspondences; in the plan and facade drawings having a scale !ine being used, the outer walls of the buildings being hatched in red and black colors, to have the space reserved for the garden being punctulated in turquoise color are the cases which attracts the attention.