ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Ferruh Toruk

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, French Traveller Vital Cuinet, Çankırı


This paper involves information about the Çankırı city center and its districts which is given by the French traveller Vital Cuinet after his visit to Çankırı in XIX th century. French traveller and researcher Vital Cuinet, in command of Düyun-u Umumiye, made a voyage to Anotolia in order to determine the sources of income of Ottoman Empire, and extract the inventory. During his trip, by examining salnames (yearbooks), he also made studies on the governmental, ethnic, religous, geographical, educational and socio-economical structures of XIXth century Ottoman sancaks and kazas depending on these sancaks. In addition to these works, he made similar type of studies for different regions like Çerkeş, Bayındır, Karacaviran, Viranşehir, Ovacık, Kalecik, Ilgaz, Şabanözü and Yapraklı during 1890.