ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Mehmet Çayırdağ

Keywords: Eretna, Grave-stone, Kayseri, Sultan Han


Ilkhanid governor of Anatolia, Alaeddin Eratna, founded his independent state in and around the central Anatolian city of Sivas soon after the end of Ilkhanid administration in Anatolia in the 14th Century. After Sultan Alaeddin Eretna his son, Gıyaseddin Mehmed, ruled the country and became the Sultan. Then his son, Alaeddin Ali came to power. Upon the death of Sultan Alaeddin Ali in 1380 his vezier Kadı Burhaneddin helped the little son of Gıyaseddin Mehmed, Mehmed II, to be the next Sultan. But one year later he was forced to step down from the power and Kadı Burhaneddin declared himself as Sultan. Mehmed II left alive when the Kadı took over the power. Thus he did attempt to get the Sultanate back without success. He died at Sultan Han in 1390 in Kayseri. He was burried there. There is not much information about Mehmet II's tomp. This article will axamine his exact death date in accordance with the new findings.