ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Marijan Premovıć

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy (History)

Keywords: XV century, Defters, Montenegrin Polimlje, Settlements, Population


The term Montenegrin Polimlje in this paper refers to the territory of the following medieval nahiyas: Limski Nikšići, Ljuboviđa, Plav, Izla Rijeka, Komnin and Komarani. These nahiyas were located in the region of the present-day northern Montenegro. Bihor fortress was also located there and the villages belonging to the fortress commander have also been presented. The data from the following Ottoman Defters have been used in order to present the settlements and population of the second half of 15th century in this area: The Collective Cadastral Defter of the provincial governor Isa-Beg Ishaković of 1455 (Hicri 859 Tarihli Suret-i Defter-i Mücmel), The Summary Defter of the Sanjak of Bosnia of 1468/69 (1468/69 Tarihli Bosna Sancağı İcmal Tahrir Defteri), The Individual Defter of the Sanjak of Herzegovina Vilayet of 1475/7 (Defter-i Esami-i Sancak-ı Hersek), The Summary Defter of Pasha Sanjak of 1477/8 (Paşa Sancağı İcmal Defteri), The Summary Defter of Bosnia Sanjak of 1485 (Bosna Sancağı İcmal Defteri), The Inventory Defter of Scutari Sanjak of 1485 (İskenderiye Sancağı Mufassal Defteri) and the Comprehensive Defter of Bosnia Sanjak of 1489 (Bosna Sancağı Tapu Tahrir Defteri). This is the fi rst time these seven defters have been used together to do an exhaustive research of the title territory. The author has listed nahiyas, names of villages, their respective households, bachelors, widows, gross income and population.