ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Nuri Çevi̇kel

Keywords: Cyprus, Vienna, Piri's, Fetihname


One of the most important sources of the Turkish period of Cyprus history is fetihnames of Cyprus. These fetihnames tale in detail and generally exaggeratingly the Turkish conquest of Cyprus from the mouth of those who had experienced the event of capture in person. They have a notable value at least for the war taken place for the conquest of the island on the condition that they should be examined through the archival materials. It is a well-known fact that there are many fetihnames of Cyprus today in personal and public archives both in Turkey and outside. The fetihnames of Cyprus have attracted upon themselves the attention of researchers since 1956 and many works have been produced on them. At least for today we know that the oldest version of the fetihnames of Cyprus, which includes the Turkish conquest of Cyprus from the beginning to the end, is Piri's Fethiyye-i Cezire-i Kıbrıs written in 978 of Hicrah (1570-1571 A.D.). The two known versions of this fetihname were edited by Harid Fedai in 1997. We, too, have found out its another version through our explorations in the National Library of Austria (Vienna). The introduction of the Vienna version of Piri's Fethiyye-i Cezire-i Kıbrıs comparing with the versions published by Harid Fedai constitutes the subject of this paper. It is understood that the Vienna version of the Piri's fetihname, Fethiyye-i Beray-ı Cezire-i Kıbrus, reveals differences of great quantity and quality from Harid Fedai versions, which necessiates the reprint of the Piri's work.