ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Abdulhalik Bakır

Keywords: Medieval Age, Slavery, Slave Trade, Brokerage, Price


Slavery with its all aspects is an economic, social and cultural system inherited from ancient age or early medieval period to Islamic World. Slave trade is the most active fi eld of that system. From the emergence of slavery to the abolition of it at the beginning of the twentieth century the most interesting thing regarding the slaves was the value of them. In the Islamic World two types of slave prices were encountered. First one of them was qualifi ed slave price, the other one unskilled/unqualifi ed slave price. There was a serious price gap between those two categories. Whereas a slave that was skillful and well-educated or a cariye(female-slave) having the same qualifi cations was sold at a wealth value, a slave or a cariye that was lack of mentioned qualifi cations could be presented at a really low price. Besides at that period there were many factors having aff ected slave sells and thereby slave prices. These factors can be listed as following: brokerage activities, geographical and ethnical features, education and abilities, need for slaves and must to dispose/sell out them, epidemic diseases and collective slave deaths, slave rebels, natural disasters (Earthquake, inundation etc.), civil wars and wars, features in relation with love and aesthetic, displaying and advertising activities, abilities of slave merchants, supply and demand equilibrium, collective slave escapes, emancipation of slaves.