ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Aytül Kaplan

Keywords: The ancient route, junction, Almadere Pass, ancient settlements


This study, through Cappadocia and Cilicia to the sea on your way from northern Mesopotamia is a very important passage, and The junction Almadere have been introduced gateway. There are ancient settlements here. Almadere Pass that is one of the ancient main road routes, up Seyhan and Ceyhan Basins roads combine. And also roads that connect the gateway of Almadere, Bağdaş Pass and Mazgaç Pass and further east Meryemçil Pass.The Almadere Pass is connected to Akyol (Ağyol) by way of the Bağdaş Pass, to the north (the Central Anatolia) by the way of The Mazgaç Pass and to the east (North Mesopotamia) by the way the Meryemçil Pass. If we go forward these routes from the most east; The Bağdaş Pass, the Almadere Pass, The Akçaluşağı Village Esebeleni location, here the road goes into division; the road running to the west connects to the North of The Üsküyen Pass Through above The Pınargözü Village from Tenkerli- Uğurlubağ (Hefkereyebakan)- The Kayadarlığı Pass. The another road also goes to the Çulluuşağı Village from Cevizlidere and The Üsküyen Pass. From here to the road goes into Feke (Wahka), then heading west to Marankeçili and Mansurlu to Kayseri-Kültepe. In fact from the easternmost direct routes between Northern Mesopotamia and Kültepe.