ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Bora Uysal

Keywords: East Anatolia Region, Ağrı, Patnos, Uratian Stelae


Patnos district, which is related to Ağrı province in East Anatolia region, is known with its numerous important Urartian centers. One of these settlements is Kot Tepe, which is most likely known as "Aznavurtepe" or "Anzavurtepe". Nowadays, the southern part of Kot Tepe lies within the confines of a military area. A duty station was built in this mount in 1990 and six telephone poles were also erected in its southern slope. Three stelae and a stand were exposed in the area where the poles were set up in the southern foot of the mount during the course of these construction works. The nearest akin to Kot Tepe stelae are known to be the stelae found in the open air temple of Altintepe in Erzincan district. The resting pits carved in the rocks in the holly area of Yeşilalıç in Özalp district, of Van province, are understood to be prepared for the purpose of erecting these type of stelae. Beside that, stone blocks worked out with stelae resting pits were identified in the stone workshop of Alniunu town lying to the south of Van fortress. The finds recovered in Kot Tepe show off that another Urartian open air temple is also found in this settlement site. The defined measurements, on the other hand, have come out to identify Kot Tepe finds to be in the position of the biggest Urartian stelae yet known.