ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Özdemir Koçak

Keywords: Kastamonu, Sinop, Museum, Bronze Age, Pottery


1. Ribbed vessels with flared rims. 2. Shallow vessels 3. Bell-shaped drinking cups Securely dated specimens of similar character have been recovered for Groups 1 and 2 at Beycesultan, Troy, Tarsus, İkiztepe and Alacahöyük from the Early and Middle Bronze Age and for Group 3 at Boğazköy, Kültepe, İkiztepe, Yümüktepe, Karaoğlan, Alişar, Beycesultan, Alacahöyük, Karahöyük (Konya province), and Ahlatlıbel from the Transitional Period. The color of the body and slip of nearly all the vessels is a light brown. The clay contains a heavy concentration of grit aggregate. In every instance, the composition of the material includes fine sand lime. Another distinct property of the vessels is the rare appearance of burnishing and the fact that it has been subjected to wear. In conclusion, it is proposed that these vessels should be attributed to the Transitional period.