ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Ali Özcan

Keywords: Gâvurkale, DHepat, É NA4hekur, Höyüktepe


Location called Gâvurkale, is at a distance of about 60 km. southwest of Ankara, at a site which is closer to Haymana, in a place between Ankara-Haymana and is on about 2 km northwest of Dereköy. The hill rising at the side of Babayakup creek having an approximate height of 60 meters has a dominant place over the valley. It has an elevation of 1180 meters from the sea level. In peak part of the hill, there are remnants of city wall which were made by using kiklopic stones and at the direction of the hill facing South, there is a figure of god/goddess subjected to destruction understood to be seated on the chair of throne and figure of two men described in walking position who are staying on the surface of the smoothed main rock. Stylistic characteristics of figures are reflecting the Hittite style. Furthermore, at the peak section of the hill, there is remnants of a room made by using kiklopic Stones by placing them one over another to form a structure. The function of the subject room formed a topic for discussions until recent times. There is no traces of written finding faced with at Gâvurkale. Efforts are made in this study, to arrive at conclusions by examining the rock reliefs present at Gâvurkale, under the light of Hittite texts of cuneiform writing and the archeological findings. Furthermore, the function of the room facing North of the hill will be made subject of assessments by taking into consideration Hittite texts of cuneiform writing.