ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

İlyas Gökhan

Keywords: Arab, Seljuk's', History, Marash


When armies of Islam marched towards Damascus and Aleppo Marash was under the rule of Byzantine Empire. Marash was conquered by Halid b. Velid in 637 during the caliph Hz. Omar. Thereafter Marash became military base fort he Muslims' Army during their raids towards the cities of Malatya and Kayseri. However the struggle over the control of the city of Marash continued for a long time between Islamic Armies and the Byzantine Empire. Eventually the administration of Marash was tied to the state of Avasım in which its centre was Tarsus by Abbasies. In 943 Marash came under the domination of Seyfuddevle the ruler of Hamdanis' dynasty. Seyfuddevle reconstructed Marash and the city became a centre of culture and knowledge. In 962 Byzantines reoccupied Marash and ruled the city until the conquest of Seljuk's in 1086.