ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Funda Naldan

Keywords: Erzincan, Turkish, Ottoman, Architectural, Bath, Archival


The baths which have an important place in Turkish culture constitute an important place in art history and architectural studies in terms of their architecture and functions. In Erzincan the available four baths dating 18th. - 19 th. century are works of the Ottoman period. According to archival sources, there are two more baths structures that cannot be reached by day. The baths which refl ect the characteristics of the classical Turkish baths architecture consist of coldness, lukewarm room, hotrooms, water storage and culver sections. Three of the baths as a single and one as a dual function was arranged. In the coldness sections, İzzet Paşa, Nafi z Paşa and Taşçı baths have wooden beamed ceilings, covered with a dome in a tented Çadırcı bath, vault in all luke warm room, and all hot rooms are covered with a dome with four iwan and four private room cell plan types. Bric material was used in the upper cover of the baths built with rubble stone.