ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Murat Çaylı

Keywords: Mongols, Bargadin, Great Khan, Philippe de Mézières, Marco Polo.


After 134 years when Willem was sent to Mengü Han by King Louis IX of France, the narratives about the Mongols had echoed again in the Palace of France. Philippe de Mézières, one of the tutors of King Charles VI, gave information about the Mongols in his work, and also held up their behavior as an example. The author, who submitted Le Songe du Vieil Pèlerin to Charles VI in 1389, includes this information in the first chapter of his work which is alike an itinerary. He says that he heard what he wrote from his friend named Bargadin, who served as a mercenary in the service of the Great Khan for eight years. When the narrative of Philippe de Mézières is analyzed, it can be realized that it has similar aspects to the stories of travelers such as Johannes de Plano Carpini, Willem van Ruysbroeck and Marco Polo who visited the Mongols. At this point, the question comes to mind whether these authors benefited from their works when giving information about the Mongols. On the other hand, the fact that famous travelers mention some events that they never mentioned, makes it even more difficult to question. In this study, I will present translations of Philippe de Mézières’ narratives about the Mongols and evaluate them by comparing with the works of other travelers. Later, all examples he gave will be compared with The Secret History, Chronica Maiora, Odorico da Pordenone and Hayton of Korykos.