Adil Özme

Keywords: Ruha, Urfa, Han, Ottoman


Although 32 "hans" (a kind of covered bazaar with accomodation) are known to be present in Urfa at the end of 19. century in Ottoman Period, there is only 11 hans survived today in the area. Most of these hans in the region generally have one courtyard. Hans are classified in four groups depending on their storeys: one storey, partially two storeys, two storeys and partially three storeys. In their vertical structural system cutstone was used. As for their upper structure rubbestone was used. On ceilings and roofs timber is used very seldom. Ornaments are rarely seen on hans. They are generally applied on portals and façades where portal takes place. Urfa hans, while displaying general characteristics of Ottoman hans in their plans, they show local characteristics in details. The only 11 existing out of 32 hans which could be determined through documentary sources show us how rapidly our cultural assets are being vanished.