ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Necmettin Aygün

Keywords: Nomadic, Middle Anatolia, Ottoman Empire, Aksaray, Kırşehir, Social Structure


Boynuincelü tribe was a nomadic tribe which inhabited the area between Lake Seyfe and Lake Tuz; on both sides of Kızılırmak according to today's administrative division. The tribe was created by merge of eighteen different communities. In this study, Boynuincelü tribe, which spread around mostly Aksaray and Kırşehir and partly Nevşehir and Koçhisar, was investigated in terms of historical development, structure and administration, relations with the state, relationship between tribe members and their administrators. Also, the reasons why the tribe was granted sub district status but later it was revoked, was revealed. The starting point of this study is the civil registry books containing censuses and surveys which were started in 1830 during Mahmud II period and kept regularly until 1845. Besides these series of registry books, various registries from Ottoman Archives were used. It must be especially pointed out that while dealing with the tribe, the research was viewed through Aksaray sanjak perspective. It is thought that the research must also be conducted through Kırşehir sanjak perspective so that it will be more absolute. Still, this research deals with many subjects on both Boynuincelü tribe and nomadic communities of Middle Anatolia which thus far have been unknown, and it has the quality to be resource for new and different studies.