ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Kaya Göktepe

Keywords: Provision, Ottoman Economy Policies, Tekirdağ, İstanbul, XVIII. and XIX. Century


In the Ottoman Empire, it is an important economic policy to be met the needs of Istanbul seamlessly. This policy is shaped within the framework of a comprehensive organization. During The Classical Age of Ottoman Empire, within a specifi c plan, all kinds of production were required to be sent to Istanbul primarily, after the removal of the needs of production areas. Fulfi lling the basic consumption needs of İstanbul like cerials, was made possible by the close, easily accessible surrounding settlements. With the adequate port and hinterland, Tekirdağ district and the surrounding settlements had an important role in fulfi lling some provision needs of capital İstanbul, during the Ottoman history. With this study, at XVIII and XIX. centuries, alongside with the Ottoman economic policies, the attributes of Tekirdağ district to İstanbul's consumption been studied through production, transportation and shipment processes of Tekirdağ district which assayed in the context of provisioning system.