ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Zeynel Özlü

Keywords: Epidemic diphtheria, 19th Century, Ottoman Empire, history of the disease, Pasteur


Diphtheria was called in different names through the history. Diphtheria serum used to struggle with the disease was presented to Sultan Abdülhamit II after being presented to science world. Sultan Abdülhamit II started the studies to produce the serum in İstanbul. Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nizameddin Bey being in the first place, a lot of researchers were sent to Paris to learn the solutions for diphtheria. By taking the Pasteur Operating Room in Paris as an example, a diphtheria struggle center was founded under the name of "Diphtheria Operating Room" in İstanbul. In addition, Sultan Abdülhamit II. founded Hamidiye Etfal Hospital which included a struggle for diphtheria center in 1898 for the memory of her daughter who died because of diphtheria at a young age. Ottoman Empire used various machines to disinfect the diseases areas and diphtheria serum to cure the patients.