ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Hasan Akyol

Keywords: Ankyra, Alexios, İsaakios, Artug Beg, Danishment Ghazi, 1073


It is known that Ankara entered to Turkish rule after Battle of Manzikert and stayed in the Turkish rule untill the 1101 dated Crusade. The city was captured by Crusaders and was given to the Byzantine in 1101 year. So the first Turkish rule in the city started after the Manzikert and continued until the 1101 year. It has been made an introduction by shortly explaining politic, physical and administrative process of city untill the Turkish rule, It has been analyzed that opininions in studies on Ankara about the first Turkish conqueror of city and starting time of Turkish rule. A dark mention in the history of Ankara has tried to be clarified by the lights at data in Byzantine sources and Danishmendname that Ankara entered to Turkish rule at the first quarter of 1073 and the first Turkish conqueror of the city either alone or with Danishment Ghazi is Artug Beg.