ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Leyla Yılmaz

Ankara University Faculty of Letters Department of Art History

Keywords: Oba-Alanya, Chapel, Çıplaklı, Alanya, Byzantine Period, Archaeology


This article aims to introduce a small chapel in Oba-Alanya. The building is situated in the town of Çıplaklı in Oba near Alanya as so-called Kalonoros in the Byzantine period (The archaeological excavations in Alanya Castle are still continuing under the direction of Prof.M. Oluş Arık). Yet, it has not published. The building has a rectangular plan with a single naved and is noteworthy for its non-figurative wall paintings are applied on a thick layer of mortar. This article will focus on the architecture, wall paintings and dating problems of this building.


I am most grateful to Prof. M.Oluş Arık, Prof. S.Yıldız Ötüken, Prof.Denis Feissel, Prof.H.Hellenkemper, Prof. Ömür Bakırer, Prof. Sencer Şahin, Asst.Prof. Z.Kenan Bilici for their unforgetable helps in facilitating my work so are Asst.Prof.Nilay Çorağan Karakaya and Aslı Kök for the drawings.