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Selahattin Satılmış

Keywords: Earthquake, Chios Island, Sadık Paşa, Disaster Management, Aid Campaign


3 April 1881 Chios Earthquake is the biggest earthquake that the Ottoman Empire had in the 19th century and the largest one that the Chios Island had in its history. The local and central governments operated in collaboration to heal the wounds of this destructive earthquake which caused to go rack and ruin of two-third of the settlements, death of at least 5.000 people and left 30.000 people homeless. The search and rescue, victual and housing of the victims, supply of the basic needs, distrubituon organisation and the prevention of the escapes from the island have appeared to us as important issues. The great destruction and loss that the earthquake caused brought difficulties in the disaster management and some other problems along with itself. The Governer of the Province of the Archipelago (Cezâyir-i Bahr-i Sefîd) Sadık Mehmed Paşa who was managing the disaster had many attemptions to heal the wounds of this destructive earthquake but his actions were criticized by both Bâb-ı Âlî and some authorities. Bâb-ı Âlî refused the resignation request of Sadık Paşa during turmoil of the earthquake but deposed him about two months after the earthquake. In this article, the disaster management that carried out after the earthquake, the process and progress which led the resignation and depose of Sadık Paşa, the aid campaigns that were arranged after the earthquake, some other important events that took place after the earthquake and the attitudes of both Ottoman central and local governments and the Ottoman society were questioned.