ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Remzi Kuzuoğlu

Keywords: Assyrian Colonies Period, Anatolian Queens, Northern Mesopotamia


It is named Old Assyrian Trade Colonies Period between 1975-1730 B.C. in the history of Anatolia. The trading operation was done between the Assyria located in the north Mesopotamia and Anatolian cities, such as Kanish and other cities at this time. The cuneiform tablets that reaches 25000 pieces now at the time of be excavated in Kanish that is called Kultepe today, give important information for a historical, economical, political, religious and geographic structure of Anatolia and partly Assyria in 2nd millennium B.C. As an administrative structure at this period, there were small countries that of each belong to an independent kingdom, and composed the city-state. The documents written by cuneiform show us excluding statesmens who are called a "big king", a "king", and a king of vassal state, there were queens who were called "rubatum". As for this research, an at that time, political, and a social standpoint of queens in the Anatolia confirmed in the Old Assyrian documents are analyzed, and women who represent the first rank of the woman in Anatolia are evaluated.