ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Songül Çolak

Keywords: Ottoman State, Austria, Netherlands, Peace Conferences


After the defeat of the Battle of Vienna (1683), the Ottoman Empire battled with Austria and her allies Venice and Poland (Lehistan) at different fronts. Particularly, due to Ottoman Empire's constant recession in Austrian front, it was decided to be sent one of its committees to Vienna, which was led by Zülfıkâr Pasha. The aim of this visit was that Zülfıkâr Pasha to communicate with Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor in order to establish the peace negotiation between the Ottoman Empire and Austria and to introduce the new Ottoman Empire, Süleyman II to Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. Dutch ambassador Mr. Hop (seigneur) mediated between two sides. Dutch had got commercial privileges (ahidnâme-i hümâyûn) from the Ottoman Empire since 1612 and had sent ambassadors to Ottoman Empire regularly since 1668. Having wanted peace between Ottoman Empire and Austria, however, the Dutch ambassador offended against the Committee of Ottoman Empire that concluded from Mr. Hop's behaviour that Dutch was not in favour of Ottoman Empire.