ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Özlem Si̇r Gavaz

Keywords: Hittites, The Geography of the Hittites, Wool River Land, Hulana River Land, Huwatnuwanta Mountain


Thereareonly a fewproposalsconcerningthelocalizationof KURÍDHulana-, "Hulana River Land" which is mentionedrarely in Hittitetexts, although it plays a key role in strategicalregard. Theessencialdifficulty as toitsexactlocalization is duetoitscontradictoryoccurence in connectionwithtwodifferentgeographicregionswhicharetoo far awayfromeachother, namely Pala-Tumana and Kaškaterritory in the North on theonehand, andtheposition of themountainHuwatnuwanta in theLower Lands, in which the sources of the Hulana Riveroriginates, on theother. Thegeographiclay of theriverand a city of thesame name, situating in itsvalleyor bank, stands in closerelationship with the Huwatnuwantamountain. Thismountain is closelylinkedwithHittiteStormGodand is regarded as a holymountain. Thepurpose of thisstudy is todeterminethelocalization of both Huwatnuwanta Mountainand Hulana River Land which is important in terms of historical geography of Central Anatolia. Somenewcommentswill be madebystudyingtheetymology of a fewtoponymswhicharementioned in thisconnection. InadditionHittitetextthepassageswhichmentiontheRiver Land will be analysedagainandbytakingintoaccounttheproposalswhichweremadepreviously, somenewproposalswill be added here.