ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Hasan Basri Karadeni̇z

Keywords: Exile, Ottomans, Karamanids, İstanbul, Rumeli


A continuous struggle took place between Ottoman sand Karamanids starting fromthe 14th mid-century up to theend of 15th century fort he throne of Anatolia which was in herited from the Seljuks. Ottomans who have great aims in thee a stused the method of sürgün, which the yuse when it is necessary for political, strategical purposes and the issues related to publi corderand settlement, in that region as they faced with a great resistance in 1467 in the annexation process of that principality. Between the years 1467-1474, in four different times, from Konya Ereğli, Larende and Aksaray an important part of thousands of families among which there were Christian Karamanid sand Armenians, were sent to İstanbul which was reconstructe dand resettled. The other families who have been exiled were settled to Havsa and Edirne in Rumeli and Thrace, to Thessaloniki and Thessaly in Greece and to Albania, Serbia and Bosnia. Ottomans destroyed there gion during the seexiles but during his Karaman governorship Cem Sultan reconstructe despecially Larende thus end eared him self in there gion.