Ergün Karaca

Keywords: Transportation in the Antique Age, Milestone, Tabula Peutingeriana, Bridge


East Thrace, which is the transition point between Asia Minor and Europe, has become the transit and the junction point of roads from both continents. The North Road is one of three main roads with Via Egnatia and Via Militaris that pass through the region. This region is the route that all armies used between the 6th century B.C. and the 19th century A.D. in expeditions from Asia Minor to the west or north of the Pontus Euksinus (the Black Sea) or vice versa. However, the archaeological data found on the route to North Road were not studied as much as those of the other roads. In this article, efforts were made to locate the route of the North Road in the Eastern Thrace Region by using, primarily the Kurtdere Bridge, and remains of bridges, roads, and milestones found and studied during fieldwork. Also, the roads connecting Via Militaris to the south of the North Road and the Salmydessos to the north of the North Road were evaluated according to the archaeological data.