ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

M. Mehdi İlhan

Keywords: Budapest, 7-12 July 1997, The 35th International Congress of Asian and North-African Studies, Hungary


J.L. Bacque-Grammont, the president of CIEPO, made arrangements for the members to attend 35th International Congress of Asian and North African Studies held in Budapest (7-12 July 1977). The papers on Ottoman and Turkish Studies were delivered on Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. New arrangements were made for the members of CIEPO to deliver their papers on Thursday and Friday in a separate hall within the same building. There were papers that attracted my attention in other sections delivered on the same days. These papers were under the sections of Islamic, Arab, Turkic and Hindu Studies. A close study of the program revealed that there were also interesting papers under many other sections such as Mongol, Tibet, Buddhist and Chinese Studies. There were interesting papers by scholars such as E.A. Zachariado (Notes on the Wives of Emirs in 14th Century Anatolia) and K.R. Hopwood (Material Culture and Ottoman History) that I had already missed. However I enjoyed listening to the papers delivered by the scholars such as D. Kushner, J. Landau, C. Römer, R. Dankoff and Taciser Onuk in various fileds of Ottoman History. I made my own arrangement to travel within Hungary. I could only find time to visit Visegrad. Györ and Estergon. No doubt there were many other places that were worth visiting.