ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Temel Öztürk

Keywords: Ahlâk-ı Alâî, Kınalı-zâde Ali Çelebi, Child Upbringing, The Pedagogical Training, Turkish Culture


Ahlâk-ı Alâî is the most important work of Kınalı-zâde Ali Çelebi, born in Isparta in 1510. This manuscript was printed in Bulak printing house in Egypt in 1832. The facsimile of the work that we are benefit from for this paper was printed by TTK. It is first Turkish book of ethics/morals from the perspective of philosophy. In this area, Ahlâk-ı Alâî is the most important and oldest of the Ottoman's works. It is consist of three part that is ilm-i ahlâk (ethic/moral science) and ilm-i tedbîru'lmenzil (the science of home economics) and siyâset-i medîne (city administration). In this paper, the child upbringing subject is chosen in the second part. In 19 century, the changes on children's pedagogy have brought many problems. Even today, the child upbringing still keeps it's important and discussed exemplary in this respect in Ahlâk-ı Alâî. It describes to express concerning the child's birth and upbringing addition to gives information on today's pedagogues. Therefore, child upbringing (as an innovation) is very important to be addressed for Kınalı-zâde brought to the science of ethic/moral.