ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

İsmail Kaygusuz

Keywords: Ilgaz, Olgassys, Inscription, Stoa, Greek


These inscriptions were found at the village of Kurmalar in the distriction of Ilgaz at the province Çankırı (ancient Gangra). A Dedication To the Great Gods of Stoa Buildings and Oikema etc. Limestone; the bottom part of this cilindiric inscription which has 12 lines is broken. H. 0,50 m. Diamet. 0,35 m. The hight of letters: 0,02 m. These are suggestive of the late third century or the beginning of the second century B.C. The Stoas are the most important buildings of the Agora, that is market places of ancient cities. The stoas, according to J. J. Coulton, show the the wealth and the magnificance of an ancient city. At the same time these enourmous buildings could be taken the pledge to pay the depts of cities to anothers. We think that this inscriptions must indicate a new construction and not a repairing phase of the same building. Because, the repairing inscriptions, to J. J. Coulton again, have been generally written after the first century B.C. in which there were the most troublous years of Asia Minor.