ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Serhat Küçük

Keywords: Science, Technology, Ottoman-Turkish Literature, Modernization, Westernization, Technology Transfer, Faik Sabri, Electricity


This article is the study of a micro history focusing on a book and its writer, namely Mösyö Elektrik written by Faik Sabri Duran, alsa known as Ahmet Faik. in the second half of the 1902, censors of Abdülhamid II had examined this work, too. However, they did not let the book find more reader. This study apart from telling story of the story, it also dis­cusses the relation between the Ottoman literature and the Western tech­nology. Afterdealing with the relations between the Ottoman press and the Western technology from the initial examples, it is narrated that how ''Mösyö Elektrik'' had become abanned book through the censorship process. This is the first study confırmed that who the writer was and it is alsa mentioned who he was and what his other works were. Before the conclusion which handles the perception of the story on the Western technology, ''Mösyö Elektrik reviewed with a critical eye.