ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Tahir Sevi̇nç

Keywords: Emir of pilgrimage, Governor of Damascus, Usher, Confiscation, Money, Treasury


The governer and principal agent of Damascus Suleyman Pasha died a natural death when he was charged with the duty of eliminating the bandit, Dahir al-Umar, who captured Taberia in 1743. Suleyman Pasha had an important mission of meeting all the needs and security of Hadjıs. Thanks to his mission, he became a wealthy and high standing man. Af­ter his death, Agent of Mirahur Numan Beg was charged with both han­dling Suleyman Pasha's mission of pilgrimage and attaching the wealth and goods of him. Numan Beg ascertained Suleyman Pasha's goods, wealth and property with the help of inquiries made by governers in Da­mascus. These wealth, goods and golds that were in the hands of his fami­ly, harem and other people were sequestered by the Empire. Suleyman Pasha's funeral expences were paid by Judge of Damascus and also enough wealth and property for living of his family was left by the Empire.