ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Mübahat S. Kütükoğlu

Keywords: The Tavaslizade family, notables, the Ottoman Empire, The district of Menteşe (Muğla)


From the XVIIth century when the state authority began to impair some provincial families appeared to have come into prominence. Having been called ayan (notables), this group increased its influence particularly after the change in the iltizam (tax-farming) system. Members of this group increased their wealth by abusing their duties as voivoda and mütesellim (agents of governors). As in many parts of Anatolia these notables caused troubles for the government in Rumelia, too. We see the ayans in the sub-province (sandjak) of Menteşe as well. One of these families, who lived in Tavas, were called Tavazlızadeler. Although they no longer live in Tavas, this family has come down to the present. This article deals with the history of this family as well as their relationships with the state, their political, social and economic activities.