ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Nevzat Artuç

Keywords: Baghdad, Nazım Pasha, Committee of Union and Progressive (CUP), Barzani, Kurdish-Arabian banditry activities


Shortly after the second declaration of the Constitution in 1908, beside the imperialist activities carried out by the powers, an increase in the banditry, which were attacks on the lives, properties and honour of the people, was observed in the Baghdad province. Deficiency in security affected economic activities in a negative way. The Committee of Union and Progressive (CUP) that aimed to get rid of these problems made efforts to appoint governors with extra ordinary powers. In order to achieve this aim, Nazım Pasha managed to fill the authority vacuum and completely got rid of banditry activities. Nazım Pasha approached non-Muslim subjects with tolerance and he was able to establish a peaceful environment which his predecessors could not achieve. In addition to this, he initiated a comprehensive development attempt to promote the city planning and commercial and agricultural activities. Nazım Pasha, an outstanding governor, was dismissed from his duty due to the political strife during the Second Constitutional Period.