ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Mehmet Demi̇rtaş

Keywords: XIX. Century, Istanbul, Men-i Mürur Enforcement, Population


Istanbul was so unmanned when it was seized by Ottomans, and after intensive development and housing facilities, its population has significantly increased in a short period. After a short while, both this situation and being an attraction centre because of its specialities have led some problems in İstanbul that grew out of its intensive population. Beginning from the second half of XVI. century, the struggle to control and decrease the population of İstanbul has continued for centuries and the same struggle went on in XIX. century. As in the previous centuries, also in XIX. century, migration to the province was restricted by strict rules and serious precautions were taken in order to practice these rules. In spite of all efforts, all precautions and even all applied sanctions, migration to İstanbul could not be completely prevented during XIX. century. In this article, the problems grown out of crowded population in İstanbul in XIX. century, the precautions taken for decreasing or controlling the population and the problems faced duringthe application are studied.