ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Zafer Gölen

Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Revolt, Ottoman Empire


When the rebellion in Bosnia, which was lead by Hersekli Ali Pasha, against Tanzimat has ended at 1851, the precedence of Muslims who have been dominant in the society has also ended. From that date on, Bosnian Orthodoxes have increased the frequency of complains regarding their liabilities lasting for centuries. Islahat Firman and Paris Peace Pact have let them express their requests straight out. These groups, which were explicitly supported especially by Russia and France, have begun to challenge the state. Instigations and protection of Montenegro and Serbia, which were running after the dreams of independency, have caused a great rebellion in 1857. The rebellion was unable to be supressed in any way because of the actual support of Montenegro. Ottoman directors, regarding the international stability, could not take any action. Minor conflicts have turned into bloody battles. Counter to military mistakes and failures during the rebellion, arrangements such as Multezim Regulations and Land Regulations, which have been used as references in the coming years, have been made in administrative and legal areas. Operations in courts have been methodized. Despite all these efforts, stability could not be achieved in the region. Because what the rebels wanted was not enhancements in the quality of life, but rather to get rid of "Ottoman Control". By 1859, the rebellion was not supressed but only frozen. That is why the 1857 revolt has continued in 1861, from where it left.