During our excavation at Hüyük near Alaca, conducted on behalf of the Turkish Historical Society, a man called Hüseyin from the village of Büyük Güllücek, province of Çorum, came to tell us that shepherds had dug into a hill called Kaletepe in search of treasures, and that some objects had been unearthed. Since the exploration of the environs of Hüyük is part of our program and immediate measures had to be taken, we rode to Büyük Güllücek at once and found there, to our surprise, not a tumulus but a hüyük (mound).

The potsherds found by the shepherds in the pit of 2 X 1.5 m they had opened, were of the same type as the chalcolithic ware that has been found also in the deepest layers of Alacahüyük, but only with great difficulties. At Güllücek there was the possibility of investigating the chalcolithic culture of Central Anatolia without great expense on the surface, a very attractive task indeed.

After having made the necessary arrangements for a temporary suspension of our work at Hüyük, we made a test excavation at Büyük Güllücek from November 1 st to November 7 th, 1947, with an avarage of 35 workmen.