ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Hüseyin Kayhan

Keywords: Social and Economic Conditions, Mongol Invasion, Azerbaijan


Before the Seljukids, Azerbaijan was a region where various Turkish groups arrived and settled. Urban life of Azerbaijan was revitalized with the arrival of Islam. Cities like Tebriz, Nahçivan, Beylekan, Gence, Duvin, Erdebil, Hoy, Meraga and Merend grew prosperous. The Seljukid rule not only brought peace and prosperity, it also revitalized urban and cultural life: Schools, mosques, hospitals, palaces, caravanserais, roads and fountains enhanced and enriched city life. This situation was no doubt the result of social and economic developments. During the ildeniz rule, social economic devclopments gained momentum. Certain important cities in Azerbaijan grew larger and became wealthier due to commercial activities. The most important city of the region, Tabriz, was the center of textile industry, animal husbandry and agriculture. The vibrant economy of the city enriched the city, making it the leading center of the commercial and cultural life in Azerbaijan. During this period, Nahcivan, Gence, Karabag and Erdebil became important commercial and cultural centers. It comes as no surprise that the cities in Azerbaijan were prominent not only in Caucasia but also in the Islamic world.