ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Muammer Gül

Keywords: Khwarizmian Turkish, Anatolia, Near East


The Mongol invasion that emerged in eastern regions of Islamic world changed the political structure and balances in Near East and Anatolia. One of the important elements of this change is Khwarazmians Turks led to Anatolia by Mongol invasion. Khwarazm Turks (Khanglı-Kıpcak), spread over a wide geograhpy after the corruption of the state of Khwarazm Shah, played important role especially in the regions of Anatolia, Syria and Palestina, After the war of Yassıcaman, Anatolian Seljuqids took them in to their service and later they went to south eastern Anatolia capturing Urfa, Harran, Suruc and Rakka. Khwarazm conquered Jerusalem in 1244 from Crusaders whith the support of Egyptian Eyyubids. They went on plundering in Palestina as well in Anatolia and Syria. That enhancedan alliance between the Eyyubid princes and Kharasms were defeated by them 1246. After that their military power declined entirely. As a result, they in to services of Eyyubids, Abbasids, Mamluks, Mongol and Anatolian Seljuqids. The traces in names of the tribes, clans (Harzem, Horzum and etc.) and the places in both western Anatolia and east an south Anatolia are very important in regard of reflecting their effects.