ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Aytekin Ersal

Keywords: Republican People’s Party, Ebuzziya, national sovereignty, Tevhid-i Efkâr


Ebuzziya, was the owner and chief editor of the Tevhid-i Efkâr Daily in the age when the discrimination between Republican People's Party (CHF) and Progressive Republican Party experienced. As a conservative intellectual, he supported the opposition against the government. He sought a state of balance against the radical revolutions. He took the concepts of republic and the national sovereignty as a tool to pave the way for conservation. Around these concepts, he had discussions with those who he described as secular, extremist - revolutionist, liberal. He could not overcome his shallow and controversialist perspective neither when he described the opposition nor when he tried to justify his stance. On March 4, 1925, he was sent to the East Independence Court which was set up after the implementation of law on the maintenance of order. For long years he could not turn back to his editorial positon. As conservative intellectual, failing to bear the concepts having historical, philosophic and theological background beyond actuality thought to have eff ect on his silent stance during the authoritarian governance.