ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

M. Volkan Atuk

Keywords: Union and Progress, İran, Tripoli, II. Abdülhamid, Sattar Han


The Commitee of Union and Progress that has started its journey as an enlightened opposition broadcasting in Europe and consequently approached the management of the country as a whole, has developed relations with its ancient neighbour Iran in paralel with its internal change. While at the beginning a standpoint limited to the issue sattributed to Abdulhamit is observed, during the later years an Islamic Union discourse similar to the policy of Abdulhamit and afterwards a political wording with political solidarity and liberation motives coming to thefore front have been established. Especially the resistance carried out in Tebriz with the leadership of Settar Khan comprises the most signifi cant relationship between the Commitee of Union and Progress and the Iranian constitutionalists. However, when especially the border problems have come up this positive point of view has become far from being issue resolving. Overcoming the border confl icts has furthermore contributed that the two countries have developed the good neighbourhood relation sandal so touched to the diff erent aspects related to the their own policies and therefore a continued struggle has been encountered between the constitutionalist solidarity discourse and the current political requisites. In this study the policies of the Commitee of Union and Progress towards the Iran shall be endeavored to be approached from two diff eren tpoints of view. Primarily,the infl uences of the transformations that the Commitee of Union and Progress experienced during the period as of it since option until the 1st World War on the determination of the policies towards Iran and what are the intersecting and diverging aspects with the Abdulhamit management of the Iran policy that it conducted. Nevetheless thes cope of the study commences with the CUP publications, it covers the period until the beginning of the 1st World War. Because, the attitudes of CUP towards Iran within this war was formed in line directly with the war conditions, battle front requirement sand the priorities of the German general staff . Therefore, as it was required to review the general war plans of the time duration after the 1914, in the study the events of the period until the1913Turco-Italian war have been investigated.