ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Abdolvahid Soofi̇zadeh, Özgür Türker

Keywords: Russia, Iran, Griboyedov, Tehran, Treaty of Turkmenchay


One of the most deplorable cases of the diplomatic history took place in Tehran on 11 February 1829. As well as Turkmenchay Treaty that concluded after the war between Russia and Iran continued 2 years, brought up composing the diplomatic missions between two countries; it propos ed to be resolved distresses by embassy that would occur about implementing the clauses. But when hostilities that the war leaved behind; Russian ambassador Griboyedov's faults who fulfi lled such a mission for the fi rst time; other actors who wanted to have the right command on that region; agitators who exploited the people's faith who lived religion as rapidness and certain misfortunes came together there was so unprecedented tragedy on behalf of that countries' diplomacy. The storm which was expected after the 11 February attack which caused almost all of the Russo embassy delegation to be slaughtered, failed because of the political business cycles of Russia. In this article, in the light of base sources of the period, Russian Embassy Raid on 11 February will be examined and made an observation on its reasons, consequences.