ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Marcus Tullius Cıcero

Keywords: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Academica Priora, Academica Posteriora, History, Philosophy


The colloquy of the first book of the Academica, of which wc ınake a translation into Turkish with explanatory notes below, takes place among Atticus, Cicero and Varro in Varro's villa at Cumae. The plan of the work, which can be divided into three parts, runs as follows: The paragraphs 1-14 serve as a preface to the work, in which preparations are made to create the suitable occasion and conditions the colloquy requires. Then, Varro, being a gifted poet and philosopher as well, is praised for his wisdom and asked to exposc the philosophy of Antiochos' school, of which he is a follower. In paragraphs 15-42 Varro fulfils this request relating in summary and as clearly as possible the historical development and characteristic precepts of this philosophical school starting from Socrates. In paragraphs 43-46 Cicero, who has recently been converted to the New Academy, explains in his turn the differences between the old and the new schools. But the rest of his speech has not survived to our day.