ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Erdoğan Merçi̇l

Keywords: Seljukids, Bribery, Tughril Bey, History


The bribery is a well-known fact which showed on self from the oldest time, but we don't have any description about it's meaning in Turkish. Shems al-Din Sami's description about this word is suitable for today and he said that "Bribery is gift or price which giving a offical for legal or illegal job". Surely who did enter that clasification is undefined. In the Seljukids period, the high level offical was taking bribery. Sultan was the first among them. Furthermore, among the khatuns, viziers, amirs, officals and soldiers there were men/women who did accept a briebery. Seljukids didn't prevent to accepting a bribe not only in falling time but also rising in time. Naturally There are reasons to give a bribe. For example; vassal state president who want to stay in their position, who want to be vizier in the state and who want to kill enemies.