ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Zafer Gölen

Keywords: Reforms, Bosnia Herzegovina, Forest, Austria, Master Artin, Forest Regulations


During the Reforms period, The Ottoman State engaged in various activities in order to utilize the resources of the country. These activities consisted several phases. First of all, underground and surface resources were identified, and then how these resources would be utilized was determined. The main difference distinguishing the Ottoman state from others arises after this phase. Ottoman State not only utilizes these resources but also takes precautions to protect them. Considering the degree of destruction done by Europe in Africa and South America, which sometimes extends to plunder, the importance of protection activities is self-explanatory. One of the places where efforts of the Ottoman State regarding identification, utilization and protection of resources can be identified is Bosnia Herzegovina. The forests which were being plundered by Austria until Reforms with the sole intention of profit were taken under government's control and the forest potential of the region was immediately identified. Then, the means of utilizing Bosnian forests were tied to strict rules which prevented forest plunder. Especially Forest Officer Master Artin made quite an important service in identifying the forest assets of Bosnia Herzegovina. Arguing that the present-day prosperity of forests of Bosnia Herzegovina results from the protection activities during Ottoman ruling will certainly not be an exaggeration.