Altan Çeti̇n

Keywords: Memluk State, War, Cultural Basis


Reality of war and history of man are of the same age. Historical reality has taken place for reasons as to take revenge, enmity, battle for God and religion (Patang war, Malazgirt war, Crusaders wars, Century wars, Ayn-ıJâlut war, Sakarya war) It finded legal truths in various times and periods. According to this, due to inevitability of humanity war either with the aim of defence or attack, military organizations are always necessary. Turks which are very important component of humanity, have brought forward with military in their history. They have founded strong military organizations. The théorie informations about war given by İbn Haldun is important to clarify the war culture in Mamluk period. Mamluks were in the war since the beggining of their foundation. For this reason strong military organizations and so war cultures of them have developed. This culture contains both hereditary components and evidences of civilized environment.