Erol Evci̇n

Keywords: Press, National Struggle, Bolu, Dertli, Türkoğlu, Kürsî-i Millet


Press Organs which were issued in order to support the struggle of national independence against occupation, atrocities and massacres carried out in the Anatolia by Entente States following Treaty of Mondros became the voice of the Turkish Nation. Newspapers published in Bolu have had also a significant place among these press organs which continued their publication despite various challenges and handicaps under the extraordinary conditions of the time. In this study, Newspapers of Bolu, Dertli and Türkoğlu which were published in Bolu District for the purpose of creating public opinion in favor of the national struggle around the ideas of "National Unity and Solidarity", "National Sovereignty" and "Full Independence" and keeping people awake and on full alert about the prevailing dangers in time with true and correct news, and Kürsi-i Millet Newspaper which was the speaker of Party of Liberty and Entente have been discussed by taking into consideration of their approaches to the National Struggle.