ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Muharrem Öztel

Keywords: Counterfeiting in Ottoman, Struggle with Counterfeiting, Counterfeit Moneys, Mecidi Medal


In the 19th century, counterfeiting in the Ottoman markets came to be a much more important problem than in previous centuries. In this period, domestic and foreign counterfeiters launched counterfeit Ottoman money, which they produced both domestically and abroad, to the market intensively. For this reason, the struggle against counterfeiting and counterfeit money has become much more important than ever. The struggle was carried out, in particular, by an organization that was pioneered by the ministries of the interior, finance and security but also involving other administrative units. In the struggle process, counterfeit money was traced by the state in order to reach counterfeiters. An intelligence mechanism was stablished as the basis of this struggle. With this system, counterfeiters were able to get caught red-handed while making counterfeit money. The intelligence system, which was fed by informing, informers and officers, has become even more functional with the award policy followed by the state administration. Those who have contributed to the fight with counterfeiters have been awarded cash money or a medal. The prize policy has increased the motivation and sensitivity of the civilians or civil servants to the struggle. In addition, some regulations were made in the money market, some of the gaps in the law were closed and the penalty for counterfeiting was increased.