Aynur Çınar

Keywords: Etruscans, Etruria, Turan, fatum, Tin/Tinia, haruspice, Etrusca Disciplina


"Etruscans" is an ancient civilisation which had lived in Italy between B.C.E. X-I centuries. This people had established a magnificent civilisation in their homeland whose name Etruria and as from B.C.E. 625-600 they had laid the foundations of Rome. Very little information from this people which Romans had systematically carried out genocide has remained into the present and from XVIII. century until now Etruscan origin has been discussing consistently. Ever since 2007, relationship connected between Etruscan origin and Turks and Phoenicians have rendered this people appealing for us. It is best known fact that The Etruscans was religious people. According to the historians, in one sense Etruscans were self-indulgent, they had specific festivals, they liked to drink and to dance in these festivals; in another sense, they were religious and melancholic people, they had various rituals applied fastidiously, they valued prophecy. Etruscan religion was anthropomorphic polytheism and this religion based on an exact fatalist understanding. Also, this religion had holy books, prophecy/prophethood and a systematic posthumous understanding. Finally, Etruscan religion have known that there were common grounds with its contemporaries, Greek and Roman religions.