ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

J. Faucounau

Keywords: Hittites, Hièroglyphique, Archéologie, Histoire, Cunéiforme


L'article de J.D. HAWKINS, A. MORPURGO-DAVIES et G. NEUMANN publie en 1974 (cf [4] de la bibliographie in fine) a mis en evidence la necessite d'un profond re-examen du dechiffrement de l'ecriture hittite hieroglyphique. Comme le soulignent en particulier les auteurs de cet article, "it is apparent that the process of decipherment cannot yet be considered as completed... Often there is no agreement about the vocalic value of the consonantal signs; is it possible to attribute to some signs a double or even triple vocalization or should we assume that normally each sign has only one vocalization?... All to often it remains unclear whether the uneveness depends on a lack of systematic organization in the script itself or on the inadequacy of the modern decipherment..".