ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Turgay Yazar

Keywords: Burial ceremonies, Ottoman, Sultan, Tomb, Otagh (Tent), Mousoleum, Tent, Tent for funeral ceremonies, Martyrize


According to Ottoman history and visual resources, setting up an otagh for the corpse or funeral, is an important part of the funeral ceremonies of Ottoman Sultans. As we know, Murat I, Selim I, Suleyman I, Selim II, Murat III, Mehmet III and Mahmud II were among the sultans for whom funeral ceremonies the otaghs (tent) were held. Except from the sultans, the otagh was also set on the martyrizes funerals. This tradition which is known to be applied in pre-islamic Turks, was also used by the Ottomans for both carrying on an anciet tradition and preventing the tomb until the corpse was taken to the burial site, and letting it to be seen by everyone. As we know otagh which can only be set on Sultans' and martyrizes' tomb, is a symbol of a stature and sultanic image. So, a tradition of which roots lay on centuries ago, reshaped in suitable conditions and had continued to live in Ottoman Period.